Patient Appointment Policy

We recognize that in today’s busy world, adhering to a schedule is important for everyone; therefore, we work diligently to see our scheduled patients on time. To make this happen, we do several things:

• We work by appointment, only.
• We do not double-book appointments. Your appointment times are scheduled for only you.
• We require a 48-hour notification of any change in your appointment.
• We email, text, or phone several days ahead requesting a confirmation response to solidify your appointment. Please note, that it is critical that you respond to this request.
• If we do not receive a confirmation response by text, email, or phone 48 hours before your appointment time, your appointment may be given to another patient. If this is necessary, it will postpone your treatment and possibly jeopardize your oral health and comfort.
• In the rare case that a patient does not show up for a scheduled appointment or notification of changes is received less than 48- hours prior, a credit/debit card may be necessary to schedule another appointment.

We appreciate the opportunity to be a partner in improving and maintaining your oral health and will work hard to get you in and out of your appointments on time. We look forward to working together to achieve the goals you have for your oral health and smile.

Thank you for your understanding in this important matter.